Why You Should Read a Cigar Review

When you walk into a store and pull up a cigar review on the internet, is what you read so important? Is that how we are meant to gauge a cigar? Well it might not be how we are meant to gauge anything but I would like to think it is. If you really have no idea what we are talking about, you need to go back to high school and start reading papers and magazines. Trust is earned through solid sources. So if someone tells you your is the best way to properly rating a cigar, find that a bit hard to believe, I really don’t think so.

You will read hundreds of cigar review at Cigar Advisor, they just don’t stop. It is an awesome site for cigars, but as soon as you see the “other stuff” that is written about they become pretty meaningless. They can’t all be right, and if they were, there would be far more articles on ratings. But when we talk about ratings you know what we are talking about. The value of a cigar isn’t measured by how many times it was smoked, but by how much it was enjoyed.

One of the more common ratings given to a cigar is how it smells upon a light. A nice cigar should always leave you with a pleasant aroma, and if the aroma is more of a sweet flowery smell then you may want to steer clear of that cigar. A cigar that doesn’t make a nice aroma is going to have a difficult time when wrapped, and will have a very hard time when cut. It should have a smooth easy burn, and a nice white ash with little or no debris.