Why We Recommend the Big Cigars

It has come to our knowledge that there is such a thing as the ultimate gift for the cigar enthusiast. It comes with 5 top quality big cigars from some of the finest manufacturers in the industry. We know that not many of you have tried these incredible cigars yet so we are giving you at a very low price an opportunity to sample these fantastic cigars at your leisure. It is a perfect sampler which is perfect for the avid cigar enthusiast who truly wants to experience the different flavors from some of the top rated cigar brands.

One of the most popular brands of big cigars are the Cuban cigars. The Cuban brand is made in the leafy country of Cuba. The humid climate of the native Cuba also plays an important role in the creation of the Cuban brand. The wrapper and the fillings used in the Cuban brand provide the smoker with a very smooth smoke which will satisfy any pipe smoker.

Another of the big cigars in the market is the Habano Double Coronas. The Habano Double Coronas started out production in 2021 and they quickly became one of the most popular lines in the cigars industry. These Habano Double Coronas features a rich spicy taste which is balanced by the floral and citrus flavors. The construction of these Habano’s is very solid and the Habano trademark black bands that can be found on the cigar box provide the smoker with a very rich aroma. The Habano Double Coronas is offered in a variety of packaging including traditional Cigar boxes, humidor tubes, drawers, booklets and cigar cutters. If you want a really good smoke, you may want to consider trying the Habano Double Coronas.