Why People Look for a Cigar Review

cigar review

Many people who are just starting out smoking cigars wonder why anyone would want to read a cigar review. But if you delve deeper into the process of reviewing cigars you will realize that there is a big reason people are doing it. It helps new cigar enthusiasts distinguish between good cigars and bad cigars. This is done by evaluating all the characteristics of a cigar from aroma to burn rate. If a cigar has a great aroma but burns too fast a reviewer will note this. If a cigar has great burn but has a weak or flat taste it will be noted for that as well.

The aroma and the taste of a cigar is usually the biggest indicator of quality, but other characteristics can help give the consumer a better idea of what they are smoking. A cigar review will help give a newer enthusiast the information they need to make an informed decision on their next purchase. When someone tells you your cigar is the best you have ever had, you often find that a bit of skepticism is quite difficult to overcome. When you read hundreds of cigar review here at Cigar Advisor you ll notice that a bit of doubt is perfectly normal.

One of the most important characteristics to look for in a cigar review is the burn characteristics. A new cigar connoisseur should pay close attention to whether or not a cigar burns evenly. Most cigars have a tendency to burn unevenly, especially if they are brand new. By looking at the wrapper and foot of a cigar you can tell if it has been properly prepared. A cigar review will tell you if it has been properly prepared with a quality of wrapper and consistent burn all the way down to the co ash.