What is a Good cigar Review?

cigar review

When you smoke a cigar, what you are tasting is the final third or as cigar enthusiasts refer to it, the burn. A good cigar review should include a description of the burn, the ash and if there is any cavorting. The last third of the cigar will have the most flavor and the most strength. It may also be a medium or full bodied cigar. A good cigar review should also mention if the cigar got hot or did not get cool right away. Some cigars get very hot in the first third and do not get cooler until the last third.

A good cigar review should talk about how the aroma is, whether or not there is a distinct aroma, if so what it is and if the aroma was pleasant or did it irritate you. If the aroma is discernable it will tell you something about the cigar, it may be a high or low quality cigar. The temperature of the cigar will reveal if it is a premium or lower quality cigar. A cold draw reveals if it has a smooth easy ash and a sweet cedar like twang in the background.

A cigar that burns too hot does not have a smooth finish and a cigar that burns too cool will make you want to pucker or even cough. Cigars that have a medium burn will have a rich complex taste and will have notes of hay, earth, wood, pepper and even coffee. The last third will have a wonderful mellowiness that will reveal if it is a medium bodied cigar or a full blown cigar. A cigar that finishes in the middle will have a complex flavor with lots of wood, pepper, hay and berries, depending on the wrapper. A cigar that finishes in the last third will reveal a creamy velvety texture, and will have a very sweet cedar like ash.