What Are Humidors All About?

If you are a cigar enthusiast or just someone who likes to enjoy some cigar after a long day at work, it’s important to have a quality cigar humidor. The reason is that when you store your cigars in a humidor, you are keeping them from drying out which can lead to cigars becoming flat and even burnt. Another reason is that cigars should always be kept in humidors that are not left in open air for long periods of time because this can cause the cigars to get moldy and even stale. There are humidors that are designed to store your cigars at specific temperatures so you can control exactly how they will react to changes in temperature.

cigar humidor

As a general rule, the 75/isher rule can be used to determine how much room inside of a humidor to store your cigars: keep 50 cigars in the humidor and allow them to get to room temperature. However, it is imperative that you do not leave any cigars in the humidor for more than two weeks because it can affect the release of flavor from the cigar. Trying to achieve both of these factors without the proper tools is nearly impossible, but storing your cigars in a desktop humidor is nearly impossible without it. A desktop humidor allows you to control the humidity inside of it as well as keeping your cigars out of direct sunlight because it is not something that you can put on the desk and take down just like a wooden cabinet would.

When you are choosing a cigar humidor for a medium sized humidor, you should look for a tabletop size that holds three pounds. Most people who are just starting out cigar collecting either have one humidor or several because they like to experiment with different cigar sizes. A humidor that holds three pounds allows you to have around three pounds of cigars in your collection which is perfect for anyone who just wants to try new ones or a cigar that is not normally found in smaller humidors.