Smoking Cigars scares You, But They Are Actually Good For You

Smoking cigars is one of those activities that most people don’t like to do, but yet they are forced to do it every day in order to eat. Cigars come in many shapes and sizes, some are smaller and are wrapped in cellophane while others are larger and are rolled in a cut bandage. The difference between a cigar and a cigarette is that a cigar has a cigar band as opposed to a cigarette which has a paper/filament band. Many people think that when you smoke a cigar you are actually smoking tobacco, but actually you aren’t smoking any tobacco at all, the cigar just gives your mouth the feel of a cigarette.

smoking cigars

Most high school students who start smoking cigars as a teenager quickly fall in love with the act of smoking cigars, even though it is against the law. Cigars give the smoker’s mouth a wonderful feeling of euphoria, much more so than cigarettes can give a person, this is why high school students are encouraged to smoke a cigar rather than a cigarette. If high school students were asked if they would change their ways, if they knew they were going to get caught, most would not say they would because of the illegal smoking of cigars. Most teens start smoking because they feel a cigarette is safer then cigars; this is why smoking regulations have been placed on cigars, but it has become more popular among teens to smoke cigars because they are more then smoking something illegal like cigarettes.

Some people don’t smoke cigars because they believe it will cause cancer, this is simply not true. There have been studies made that show that cigars contain higher amounts of alkaline than cigarettes, this is why cigars have been promoted as “the healthy cigarette” because it has the same effect on the body as a cigarette. Even though smoking cigars does cause some damage to the body, it doesn’t compare to the damage a cigarette does, but the health benefits of a good cigar are certainly worth the effort. So don’t let the word smoking cigar scare you away, smoking cigars is a great way to spend your Saturday’s, or even just a relaxing evening with your friends.