Read Up on Cigars review websites

cigar review

When you’re in the mood to read up on some cigars, you should always look for a cigar review. This way you can see how other people rate each cigar they smoke, and hopefully you can pick out a few gems that you know to be good. Trust is earned though, so if someone says your cigar is the best there is, you might find that a bit too difficult to believe. You should read hundreds of reviews at Cigar Advisor, then come back to the site to rate new cigar’s everyday. It’s a great way to learn what people are currently rating as a cigar, as well as what they didn’t like about the cigar.

The two most common features that we’ll see are the large double cap and the buttery soft wrapper. Both have a medium length body and a nice burn that produces lots of smoke. Some cigars with the larger double cap will also have a dark brown wrapper with veins on it. If you want a full bodied cigar, the buttery soft wrappers on many smaller sized cigars will work well.

The main characteristic we’ll find to be consistent across all cigars is the aroma and taste. A good cigar review will discuss the different smells and tastes associated with the different brands. We’ll talk about rich smells, subtle ones, pine notes, floral, fruit flavors, and other things we notice with each brand we smoke. This allows us to know which cigars can stand up to our expectations and deliver a satisfying smoke.