My Smoking Habits Review – Cuesta De Nobile Vs Cuesta Retrohale

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There’s nothing quite like trying a cigar and having a real honest to goodness conversation with another person who has also tried them. Trust is earned. So when somebody tells you that your favorite cigar is the best there is, don’t get a little too excited. You’ll read hundreds of cigar review articles here at Cigar Advisor, just like you, adding to the wealth of knowledge on this great cigar.

My first experience with this cigar was a disappointing one. It had a very bitter taste, and the cigar had a very small amount of nicotine. After smoking another cigar, I was hoping for a more pleasant experience. So I decided to smoke a whole cigar instead of cutting it. For my first time trying this cigar, I made sure to go with the full size, since I knew I’d enjoy it more.

I smoked down the cigar to the ribbon, which is supposed to be a more desirable cut, then pulled the cigar all the way down to the head. Again, I was disappointed. This cigar had a very thin and watery draw combined with a very stale cedar and stale middle palate. The draw was so clogged that it tasted like a cross between chalk and paper.

The second time I tried the Connecticut shade wrapper, I knew I was in for a treat. This particular Connecticut shade wrapper had a very distinct boldness to it, much more so than the original cigar I had. I was extremely impressed with the taste of the cigar, rich and smoky without being over powering. The draw was effortless and the burn was even. The finish was long, and the flavors were complex.

My third cigar in my New Haven home, I decided to try the Cuesta De Nobile. My first impression of this cigar was that it was not the same as the first three, but I was actually surprised at how different it was. The burn was smooth and even, the cigar did a great job of maintaining its shape. The cigar did have a difficult time keeping its shape, but it finished out very dry and crisp, with only a bit of white ash floating on the surface. The unique flavor of the Cuesta De Nobile was a complex combination of sweet cedar, nutty brown sugar, black pepper, and hay.

After smoking all three of these cigars, I am partial to the Cuesta De Nobile due to the complex blend of tobacco and the overall quality of each cigar. There is nothing else that can compare to a cigar such as the Cuesta De Nobile or the Connecticut Classic. However, the original puros I smoked did leave a memorable impression on me, which is why I always keep four humidors full of those great smokes.