Looking For a Great cigar Review?

cigar review

There are so many different sites out there where you can go and find cigar review of just about any brand or type of cigar that you can think of. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the choices, so I’m going to show you how to narrow down your search and make sure that you get a real, honest review of what you’re about to buy. Trust is earned, so when somebody tells you that their is no way to honestly assess a cigar by its packaging, don’t believe them.

Youll read hundreds of cigar review over at Cigar Advisor, and adding new reviews each week to the ones you already read makes you feel a bit… challenged. But you can also notice some things that aren’t really that obvious, like if a stick is a good buy because it has a “co ashdrop”. What does that mean? A co ashdrop is a way to describe a cigar as having a lighter or older flavor than other cigars that are rolled with the same ash.

If you want a cigar review that will tell you everything you want to know about a brand that you like, stick to cigars that have a large double cap and a rich dark brown wrapper. The large double cap and the rich dark brown wrapper will both provide a medium body with lots of complex flavors. Another thing that you’ll note right off the bat is that some cigars have a “roasted” flavor to them, but not all do. Lastly, you’ll find that many cigar review sites will tell you that humidifiers are necessary to release the true flavors from the cigar.