How To Smoke A Cigar The Right Way

Smoking a cigar is both a fun way to enjoy yourself and relax or to commemorate an occasion. Before you go on a date with that special someone, you should learn how to properly smoke a cigar. After all, you do not want to ruin your perfect smoking experience. The following guidelines will surely help you smoke better than a pro:

– Learn your cigar. You need to know the different parts of the cigar, including its filler as well as the binder. The latter refers to the string that connects the cigar’s cigar factory to the handmade cigars. Knowing the different components will allow you to know when your cigar is ready to be smoked. For instance, if your handmade cigars are wrapped in cellophane, the wrapper or cedar will be able to tell you when it is ready.

– Avoid over smoking your cigars. You can put off smoking a cigar for about half an hour after it is finished with the binder, the filler and the entire cigar, if you have already done so. Inhaling on butane lighters is just as bad as actually lighting one, so be sure to light the cigar with care. The ash from butane lighters will burn too fast, leaving the cigar with ash that is black, rather than ash that is gray.