How To Rate A Cigar From Smoking Cowboy

There are many ways to go about rating and reviewing cigars, but if you want real proof that a particular cigar is the best, you can’t just read one cigar review and blindly make your decision based on it. Trust is earned, so when someone else tells you that their is the best way to honestly rate a cigar you really need to think about getting a few more cigars. You will read hundreds of cigar reviews at Cigar Advisor, so just adding in a few new ones here and there won’t really make that much of a difference.

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First off, in order to rate your cigar, you must find out exactly how aged it is. To do this you must look at the first third of the cigar. A cigar that is cut very deep (like a Gurkha) and has a very thin and tight wrap will have a very young first third. A cigar with a more uniform wrapper and a different cut will have an older first third. A cigar that has a very sweet/flat ash will have a very stale cedar taste, and that is the perfect sign of an aged cigar.

After you’ve checked the first third, you should light up and smell the cigar for about six seconds. Then blow out the cigar like you are blowing out candle wax. If there is any residue after the cigar has been blown out, then that means the cigar is past the first third, so move on to another brand. There are many great cigars out there, and you will definitely be able to find a good cigar from Smoking Cowboy.