How to Build a Cheap Cigar Humidor

cheap cigar humidor

Building a cheap cigar humidor can often be a difficult project. However, the humidor does not have to cost a fortune. Indeed, you’ve probably seen them for a very cheap price, so building one yourself should be a breeze. Yes, you heard correctly.

First, you can build a cheap cigar humidor with either a Tupperware or a paintbox shaped cooler. If you locate a nice fine cigar case that closes tightly without overlapping, you could purchase a hinged humidor unit (hobby grade) with a built in hygrometer and a humidity meter. These units also come with plastic humidifiers (basically just water pumps with a cover) which cost less than most of the humidifiers you see for sale on the retail shelves.

When you’re considering buying a cigar humidor you might as well not buy anything at all. The prices on these pre-built units are so ridiculously low that I’d be shocked if you could find anything better. There is nothing better than a professionally built humidor, especially for the novice. When you go this route, you’ll end up with something solid that you will be proud to display in your living room for years to come. Plus, you will save money over purchasing an humidor or a cigar humidifier separately.