How Does a Cigar Humidor Work?

A cigar humidor makes a great gift for yourself or perhaps a special friend, and understanding what a humidor is will help you in choosing the right item from the many options available to you. So let’s explore the world of humidors. In essence a humidor is simply a way to store your cigars so that they remain fresh at all times.

Many people keep cigar humidors to use as a display case when they want to show off their collection. You might also want to use it to store your lighter fluid, tobacco, and any other items you wish to air-dry. Most humidors work by using distilled water, and the distilled water is held in place by what are called rubber or metal seals. Some humidors work by having a separate filter to catch the moisture that comes through the door, but most just rely on the seal and gravity to keep the humidity at an acceptable level. If you want a humidor that will actually humidify your cigars, then you will need to purchase a dehumidifier.

A cigar humidor usually consists of three main parts: the humidor body, which holds the cigars; a glass-top humidifier or humidor box, which is where the cigars are stored when not in use; and a cedar wood humidifier, which is especially good at keeping the humidity at an optimal level. The humidifier will not only make sure that the cigars get their humid air, but it will also make sure that they stay fresh at all times. Most humidors will come with a glass-top or mini-hut, but there are those humidors that come with a wood or metal container instead. I personally like the glass-top more because there is less risk of smoking damage from humidity being dispersed into the room.