Cigar Torch Lighters

Lighting your cigar with a cigar torch is the “big moment” of the smoking experience. Do it in style with these cool cigar torch lighters! No matter if you like the classic elegant style or a more modern type, these cigar torch lighters will provide the right flame to start smoking your favorite cigars. We also included some cheap torch lighters that we think are a really good deal for the price. Enjoy your smoke!

What Characteristics Should A Cigar Torch Lighter Have?

True cigar smokers like and appreciate not only the process of smoking, but also preparation for it. Observing the principles of smoking is a whole ritual that affects the whole subsequent process, on which the obtaining of an excellent smoking experience depends. Recognized technology professionals are matches that do not emit any odor, the burning period which reaches 15 minutes. Also used are strips of cedar wood, often sold as a set and separating goods in a package. Therefor, of course, good cigar torch lighters are in great demand.

Tabletop Cigar Torch Lighter Red

This impressive large tabletop torch lighter is perfect to light your cigars in style.


Cigar Torch Lighter Black

Neat cigar lighter with a huge triple flame for comfortable lighting even very big cigars.


Cheap Cigar Torch Lighter

An affordable cigar torch lighter that easily fits in any pocket.


Angled Cigar Torch Lighter Black

A very nice angled cigar torch lighter with great design.


Luxury 6 Flame Cigar Torch Lighter Tabletop With Cigar Cutter

All a cigar lighter could possibly have to offer - comfortable size and easy to always keep it at hand!


Why is there such a special attention to the cigar torch?

 It’s very simple! Cigars have a high sensitivity to externals, especially pungent odors. That’s why, in order to preserve their aromatic and gustatory properties, the above-mentioned accessories are used. In addition, the use of ordinary matches is simply irrational. Simple matches burn out in seconds, but the process of lighting a cigar can take several minutes. Plus they have a specific smell that can ruin a cigar’s flavor. As well as the use of candles and gasoline burners for kindling may give completely different results than using torch lighters designed for cigars. A car cigar lighter should not be used either, as it is shallower and will not provide a proper ignition.

Cigar torch lighters are filled with a special gas, butane, which has a very faint, almost imperceptible odor and tends to produce a fire under strong pressure. Because of this ability, they light up quickly and can withstand the wind and even rain. When lighting a cigar torch, hold it at a slight angle to avoid touching it. This is handled perfectly by turbo lighters, which have a powerful and constant flame. In the range of our online store there is a cigar torch lighter and other special devices that combine several accessories at once. Depending on your own preferences, you can choose the one you like best. See the full range of cigar accessories on the pages of our shop. All the models presented are functional, elegant, ergonomically shaped and therefore most comfortable and convenient. All of them are evenly lit and will provide you with positive emotions while smoking cigars.