Cigar Review – Dulce Dominicana

Are you trying to get a real cigar review on some cigar that you want to try? Well, you definitely shouldn’t be after all these reviews. Cigars are reviewed everywhere but when it comes to Cigars, you just can’t find someone who’s ever smoked them all and has them rating them. Trust is only earned though. So if someone tells you that their is the best way to honestly rate a cigar, then you should know that bit too hard to believe.

In this article, I’m going to give you a real cigar review of one of my favorite cigars: theoker humidorique. It came to me via a sampler pack from Cigar Aficionado. I’ve smoked several cigars that have had a number of different names such as the Gurkha Connecticut cigars and the Connecticut wrapped cigars. Anyways, the humidorique is actually a number five in the range of cigars that I enjoy the most.

The cigar review that I’m about to give you is a very comprehensive review and will talk about the different aspects of the cigar. First off, the wrapper and the bands. It has a nice leather like color and the wrappers are full of rich flavors. My favorite flavors come straight from the box. One thing that I really love about this cigar is that it has such a full bodied smoke, but doesn’t have any bitterness or so much nicotine that it burns my throat.

cigar Review – cigar rating system | cigar | rating system | cigar rating | rating} Also, I would like to talk about the cigars length and feel. This cigar is actually two inches long and I find that it fills up my mouth similar to a medium bodied cigar. It starts out with a great pepper flavor that goes way out before settling down and making that last note to end the cigar. I highly recommend this cigar and the humidorique.