Buying A Cheap Cigar Humidor

If you are thinking about to relax with a good cigar after work or on your lunch break, then you need to start with a great humidor. A cheap cigar humidor is a great investment for any new cigar enthusiast. You will have a great collection of cigars, or even bulk cigars, in a convenient, sturdy, and affordable unit. If you already have a nice humidor and want something comparable, then you should look into purchasing a cheap cigar humidor. There are many different kinds of humidors on the market today, and if you put your mind to it, you can get one relatively inexpensively.

cheap cigar humidor

You could build a cheap cigar humidor with a glass case with a built in fridge. If you see a nice humidor that close tightly shut, you could purchase a humidor case (hygrometer and humidifier) and stick it into your humidor with double-sided tape or non-odorous adhesive. You could also build a big humidor out of a broken refrigerator or other big piece of furniture, but that’s tricky, so make sure that the furniture won’t kill you and/or your cigars!

You can even build your own humidors with cedar lined humidors, or go the extra mile and use cedar hangers or a cedar planter. These two things will make your humidors smell better as well as make for a more stable unit. Don’t forget your hygrometers either, we’ll talk about that in a second. If all else fails, there are plenty of discount sites that offer humidors for sale, and there’s no reason to pay retail for these products. Just remember – make sure that the humidors you get are sturdy, sealed units, with a lid that locks to keep humidity in, and you’re off to the world of Cigars!