Big Cigars – All about Wrapping and Selection

There is often a huge contingent of cigar enthusiasts that will always argue about the supposedly greater power of big cigars. Regardless of where you stand on the debate as to whether or not a larger size is actually better, you likely have a top three list of some of the best big cigars that you can smoke on a relaxing day. But before we get down that road, it would be wise for you to familiarize yourself with the three different types of vitas. Once you know what they are, you can begin to enjoy the different styles of big cigars that you enjoy.

big cigars

Gourmet cigars, as defined by Wikipedia, are “larger than typical cigars made from the plant Aragua ligobata, which is native to the Caribbean and South America.” While they may be much larger than traditional cigar cigars, they are classified as a “sub-gage” or “additional” cigar offering, so in that respect they are not truly part of the category. Rather, they are considered a premium cigar that is rolled to a higher quality than other types of vitas out there. This quality makes the more expensive big cigars slightly more desirable in terms of what you should expect from them, so if you’re looking for a premium cigar with a bit more kick, then consider pairing one of these with cohiba, which is a rare Cuban cigar produced by the Cohiba factory outside of Cuba.

Wrapped in its own tobacco leaf, the origin of this premium cigar is almost as elusive as it is exotic. In fact, according to Wikipedia, only ten of the fifty-two different wrappers have been discovered. Based off of the common dominican box-pressed wrappers, I would put my money at the box-pressed cigars for this reason: because they have a tighter, fuller, and more complex flavor that is very difficult to describe in mere words, and because they are a superior smoke that is highly recommended.