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Arturo Fuente cigars were first introduced in the year 1912 in Tampa, in the beautiful state of Florida in the US. The manufacturing takes place in Tabacalera Fuentes in the Dominican Republic and also the tobaccos are grown in the Dominican Republic. In fact, Arturo Fuentes has its own tobacco farms and the tobacco is cured and aged on site to assure rich flavors. Cigar smokers around the world can confirm the high quality of Arturo Fuentes cigars and multiple cigars reach scores of 90 plus.

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Cigars awaken all the senses.

Tobacco is like gastronomy. In this little game of comparison, we can unquestionably place the cigarette at the level of fast food: the consumption is fast ... but the pleasure too. It is quite different with the cigar. Cigars, we should rather say, as the range is vast. With the cigar, we undeniably enter another dimension, that of the starred restaurant which prolongs the exquisite and indefinable sensations.

If you already smoke cigars, you will easily understand these words. If, on the other hand, you are not a regular follower of the cigar flavor, we can only suggest you to put yourself for a moment in the shoes of a sociologist of pleasure. Take the time to observe one or the other friend getting ready to succumb to temptation. It all starts with the eyes. The gleam of desire is perceptible as soon as the box or the sheath containing the coveted object appears. The ceremony can then really begin. It is often intriguing for the novice. Intriguing but essential because here, as in love, the first steps are important!

After the sight comes the touch and the hearing. Notice the delicate touch that makes the tobacco leaves crackle and roll harmoniously. Just before cutting and lighting, crucial moments if ever there were, it is the nostrils that come into play. They irrevocably trigger the act of smoking! The rest is only a question of taste.

Let's go for long minutes of a pleasure that is even better if it is shared in a friendly way.