An Exciting Big Cigars Review

Recently I got to sit down and write a big cigars review. Since I live in the South (a cigar lover’s heaven) the last thing I want is people laughing at my cigar. A lot of people do not realize this but Cuba is the leading producer of cigars in the world. This is because the climate there is perfect for growing high quality tobacco. If you are looking for a big cigar that will really get your adrenaline flowing then you simply cannot go wrong with any of the Cuban cigars on the market.

Now if you are like me who does not care about weather then you may not care about the climate, but the fact is that when it comes to the humid climates of the United States, Cuba really delivers. I recently had the pleasure of sitting down with a fellow connoisseur who is from Florida. During our chat, I was able to discuss with him some of the specific attributes that he looks for in a cigar. One of the most important points that we both agreed on was how the burn stayed throughout the entire cigar.

My final review of the cigars for the day was on a cigar called the Don Pepin Garcia. This cigar had a medium bodied cigar with a very rich flavor. The aroma was also very rich and delicious. It actually took quite a while for them to burn, but once they did, the smoke that came out was quite satisfying. Overall I would say that the Don Pepin Garcia is a cigar that is definitely worth trying.