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Find diverse premium cigar brands for your distinctive cigar smoking experience. With reasonable prices you can enjoy smoking cigars not only on special occasions but every day. Just remember to smoke moderately: Always smoke only one cigar at a time!

Cigars Awaken All The Senses

Tobacco is like gastronomy. In this little game of comparison, we can unquestionably place the cigarette at the level of fast food: the consumption is fast… but the pleasure too. It is quite different with the cigar. Cigars, we should rather say, as the range is vast. With the cigar, we undeniably enter another dimension, that of the starred restaurant which prolongs the exquisite and indefinable sensations.

If you already smoke cigars, you will easily understand these words. If, on the other hand, you are not a regular follower of the cigar flavor, we can only suggest you to put yourself for a moment in the shoes of a sociologist of pleasure. Take the time to observe one or the other friend getting ready to succumb to temptation. It all starts with the eyes. The gleam of desire is perceptible as soon as the box or the sheath containing the coveted object appears. The ceremony can then really begin. It is often intriguing for the novice. Intriguing but essential because here, as in love, the first steps are important!

After the sight comes the touch and the hearing. Notice the delicate touch that makes the tobacco leaves crackle and roll harmoniously. Just before cutting and lighting, crucial moments if ever there were, it is the nostrils that come into play. They irrevocably trigger the act of smoking! The rest is only a question of taste.

Let’s go for long minutes of a pleasure that is even better if it is shared with friends.


Ortega Fumas Connecticut

Ortega Fumas Habano

Ortega Fumas Maduro


Best Cheap Cigars at JPP

You love a good cigar but you are on a budget and look for cheap cigars? No problem! Just like with most other products, you can get cheap cigars in very good quality if you don’t mind smoking a less known brand. Smoking cheap cigars can be as enjoyable as any other cigar, but it’s less heavy on your pocket. On this page we want to provide an overview on affordable cigars you can order online. Buying cigars so cheap, you will love to smoke just every day and enjoy it to the fullest!

Cheap Cigars Ortega Serie D Black

5 cigar bundles under $20

Cheap Cigars Ortega Serie D Maduro

5 cigar bundles under $20

Cheap Cigars Ortega Serie D Habano

5 cigar bundles under $20

Cheap Cigars Ortega Serie D Connecticut

5 cigar bundles under $20


Best Cigars under 20 Dollars

Cigars are produced in a variety of sizes and big cigars are a “must-have” for the cigar enthusiast! If you love to smoke big cigars, the cigar gauge ring size 60 is the best choice. The big cigars on this page are smooth with a complexity that the experienced cigar smoker will more than appreciate. But a big cigar does not only give you fullest flavor, it also looks quite impressive. Check out our picks for big cigars that are not even as expensive as you may think. In the cigar shop you will find additional big cigars for sale.

Big Cigars Ortega Cubao Sumatra

5 cigar bundles under $20

Big Cigars Ortega Cubao Maduro

5 cigar bundles under $20

Big Cigars Ortega Cubao Habano

5 cigar bundles under $20

Big Cigars Ortega Cubao Cameroon

5 cigar bundles under $20

Big Cigars Ortega Jalapa Habano

5 cigar bundles under $20

Big Cigars Ortega Jalapa Maduro

5 cigar bundles under $20

Big Cigars Ortega Heavyduty Habano

5 cigar bundles under $20

Big Cigars Ortega Heavyduty Maduro

5 cigar bundles under $20


Cigar Humidors at JPP

Damn, humidors can be expensive! But thankfully there are also some cheap humidors available that provide just the same cigar protection. So, if you can live without the fancy stuff, a affordable inexpensive humidor is great to store your cigars. There are cheap humidors with glasstop and some have a hygrometer. Find here what we consider the best cheap humidor available and buy it right at the cigar shop.

Cheap Humidor Cherry Wood for 20 Cigars


Cheap Humidor with Glasstop Black for 20 Cigars


Travel Humidor Water-Resistant Crash-Resistant for 15 Cigars


Military Army Humidor Water-Resistant Crash-Resistant for 15 Cigars



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